Music Materials

Hymns and Songs


This is the Church’s official hymnbook. Several versions are available.

Hymns and Children’s Songs

The official, most basic hymnbook for the Church.

  • Booklet (available in languages)
  • Music Only, CD set (recordings include organ accompaniments)
  • Hymns Made Easy (This book contains arrangements of 60 hymns for the beginning pianist and is available in several languages.)

Selected Hymns

This booklet and set of recordings contain 60 standard hymns.

Children’s Songbook

This is the official songbook for Primary and is suitable for Church and home use.

Music Training

  • Conducting Course Kit (This kit teaches how to read rhythms and conduct hymns. Available in several languages.)
  • Keyboard Course Kit (This kit teaches how to read music and play hymns. Available in several languages.)
  • Music Training Video (This DVD teaches the basics of conducting hymns and organ registration.)
  • Music Keyboard (This four-octave practice keyboard is suitable for learning to play the hymns and children’s songs. Includes carrying case and AC/DC adapter.)
  • Music Keyboard Converter (This converts the 110-volt adapter to 220-volt systems.)

Miscellaneous Music Items

  • The Choirbook (This resource for choirs contains 24 hymn arrangements and anthems.)
  • Hymnbook Repair Kit (This kit gives instructions and materials to repair up to 50 hymnbooks.)

Special Needs Music Items


Children’s Songbook