Pianos, Organs, and Keyboards

Guidelines for Use

Where an organ is available, it is normally used for prelude and postlude music and hymn accompaniment. A piano may be used for these purposes when an organ or an organist is not available.

Using the piano and organ at the same time is not standard for Church meetings. However, these instruments may be used together occasionally. (See also "Appropriate Music for Church Meetings.")

A portable electronic music keyboard may be used when a piano or organ is not available.

Members can use the Keyboard Course Kit (item no. 33620), available at Church distribution centers, to learn to play a keyboard.

Obtaining Musical Instruments

Church buildings are usually supplied with an organ, pianos, or electronic music keyboards. Priesthood leaders may consult the Purchasing Division at Church headquarters or the assigned administrative office for information about acquiring new or replacement instruments.

Maintaining Musical Instruments

The agent bishop for each meetinghouse and the stake physical facilities representative (a high councilor) are to see that pianos and organs are tuned, maintained, and repaired as needed.