Music for Stake Meetings

Stake Conference

Music for stake conference should be planned with the purpose of strengthening faith and testimony. The presiding authority at a stake conference reviews all proposed musical selections for the conference early in the planning stage.

Music for the general session of stake conference normally includes four selections. The congregation sings the opening and intermediate hymns. A choir may sing the other two selections, perhaps immediately before the first speaker and at the close of the meeting. At least one of the choir’s selections should be a Latter-day Saint hymn or hymn arrangement. Choirs may be composed of ward choirs or may be special choirs of children, youth, priesthood holders, Relief Society sisters, or families.

Standard, well-known hymns are often the best choice for stake conference, particularly if hymnbooks are not available for the entire congregation. Here are a few such hymns: “Come, Come, Ye Saints”; “Come, O Thou King of Kings”; “Come, Ye Children of the Lord”; “Count Your Blessings”; “Do What Is Right”; “Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah”; “High on the Mountain Top”; “How Firm a Foundation”; “I Am a Child of God”; “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”; “Let Us All Press On”; “Now Let Us Rejoice”; “Praise to the Man”; “Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel”; “Redeemer of Israel”; “Sweet Is the Work”; “The Spirit of God”; “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet.” You may copy the hymns on a printed program unless the copyright restrictions on the hymn state that this is not permitted. (See Hymns, page 381.)

Stake Leadership Meeting

Leaders plan and conduct meetings “as they are led by the Holy Ghost, according to the commandments and revelations of God” (D&C 20:45).

Stake leaders planning leadership meetings should ask themselves, “What music can be used to invite the Spirit?” and use that question as a guide in their preparations.

(For information about which stake leaders with music-related callings might be invited to various leadership meetings, see the pages under “Stake Music Callings.”)