Pre-Registration: How to Guide

Essential Information:

  • All youth who pre-register have the same chance of being assigned a preferred session regardless of when their pre-registration is submitted. There is no priority given to youth that complete their pre-registration ahead of others.
  • Registration can be done under the parent’s/legal guardian’s or youth’s Church account username.
  • Up to six youth may be linked together.
    • Youth may only be part of one pre-registration link.
    • All youth in a pre-registration link must be eligible to attend all the selected session preferences.
    • If selected, a link ensures that everyone will be able to register for the same session. A pre-registration link is not a group or company request. Roommate requests can be made when registration is finalized.
  • Youth may select up to five session preferences. We encourage youth to choose as many preferred sessions as possible to increase their chances of being selected for a session. Please do not select sessions youth cannot attend simply to make five selections.
    • If your stake has access to fewer than five sessions due to your location or stake council preference, only those sessions your stake has access to will be displayed as options.
  • All fields, including pre-registration links, may be updated and changed through the last day of pre-registration, January 4.
  • Parents and youth will be notified of their assignment by text message or email. This notification will include instructions on finalizing their registration. Registration finalization includes completing additional information and making payment; this must be done between January 8-24 or their assigned space will be forfeited.
  • If a youth misses pre-registration, they can complete standard registration starting February 1.
  • Some information may be pre-filled based on information provided by past FSY registrations or the youth’s Church account. Please verify all pre-filled information is accurate and updated as necessary.

Instructions to Pre-Register

  1. Once bishopric approval has been granted, go to > United States or Canada > Pre-Register here or use the link in the email received after bishopric approval.
    click on Pre-register here screenshot
  2. Select Agree.
    Agree to leaving the site screenshot
  3. Log in with your Church account username and password if asked to do so (parent or youth may log in).
    sign in form screenshot
  4. If a parent/legal guardian is logging in, they will see a list of all the approved youth in their household and the status of each youths’ pre-registration. Select a youth to open their pre-registration.
    A screenshot of a registration form Description automatically generated
  5. Select Pre-Register Now
    A screen shot of a registration form Description automatically generated
  6. Review the list of Essential Functions and be sure they apply to the youth. If there are questions about the youth’s ability to meet these requirements please email
    essential functions screenshot
  7. Fill in/review youth information and if no photo is present, upload a clear image of the youth’s face.
    youth information screenshot
  8. Fill in/review the parent or guardian information.
    parent guardian contact information screenshot
  9. Fill in the emergency contact information. This should be someone other than the parent(s)/guardian(s) already listed. FSY will always try to reach out to the parent(s)/guardian(s) first. If they cannot be reached, then FSY will reach out to emergency contacts.
    emergency contact screenshot
  10. Fill in the Medical/Health Information and submit accommodation requests if applicable. Be sure to expand and complete each section.
    medical health information screenshot
  11. Determine if the youth wants to be part of a pre-registration link with other youth.
    • Select Create link code to share if the youth wants to be linked with other youth and is the first to pre-register. Create and enter a code, then share the code with those that wish to be in the same pre-registration link.
    • Select Join an existing link code if a friend or family member has shared a code and the youth wants to be part of that pre-registration link. Type in the code.
    • Select Skip this if the youth does not want to be part of a pre-registration link.
      pre-registration link screenshot
  12. Select up to five sessions, in order of preference. The youth will only have access to select the sessions available to their stake.
    Select session preferences choices.
  13. The parent/guardian and youth must sign the Terms and Conditions.
    FSY terms and conditions form
  14. Submit the pre-registration! When successfully submitted, the participant dashboard will list submitted details and a confirmation email or text will be sent to the addresses/numbers provided in pre-registration for the youth and parent(s).