Why should I send my youth to FSY?

What will my youth do at FSY?

These large events are designed to help youth have fun as they apply the gospel in all aspects of their lives. At FSY, they will participate in five days of devotionals, classes, and activities which will help them strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and feel joy and belonging as they live the gospel.

Check out the Week at a Glance page and schedule to see what activities they'll do during each of the days they're at FSY. These pages are particularly useful for you to know what kinds of questions to ask your youth about their experience!

While at FSY, youth will:

  • Associate with other youth who share their beliefs and develop new friendships
  • Experience an environment that helps them feel the joy of the gospel
  • Take part in inspiring devotionals and learn to "Hear Him"
  • Learn to be a leader and how to better communicate with their friends, parents, and others
  • Engage in activities that will bolster their self-esteem and increase their confidence

How can I help my youth get the most out of FSY?

You can play a large role in maximizing your youth's experience with FSY. You are aware of their needs and what will be most beneficial to their growth. Prayerfully consider these suggestions or design your own plan.

Before FSY

  • Study For the Strength of Youth: A Guide for Making Choices and discuss how the principles taught in the guide apply to their time at FSY.
  • Help them identify goals they can set in preparation for FSY
  • Help them identify goals they can work on during their time at FSY.
  • Look at the Participant Dashboard page for session-specific information (available at least two weeks before their session starts).
  • Review the FAQ so your youth can come prepared with what they need.

During FSY

  • Encourage your youth to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Sometimes it can take a couple of days before youth feel completely comfortable at FSY.
  • Reach out to your youth during quiet time (9:00 - 9:45 p.m. most days) and ask specific questions about their day. Look at the Week at a Glance page for information regarding what your son or daughter is doing every day.
  • If your youth reports anything concerning about things happening at FSY, encourage them to speak with their counselor. You may also contact the site office phone number. That number will be available on the Session Details page at least two weeks before the session begins. Calls should only be placed to that number during the session your youth attends.

After FSY

  • Invite your youth to find ways to stay connected with youth from their FSY group after the session.
  • Listen to the youth album and other youth music.
  • Have your youth prepare a family home evening lesson based on a gospel principle they learned more about at FSY.
  • Encourage them to teach your family the FSY games and line dances.
  • Ask specific questions about their experience and give them informal opportunities to share what they learned at FSY.

Young Single Adults

Do you know a young single adult who wants to join in this unique opportunity to meet new friends, strengthen their testimony, develop leadership skills, and find joy in serving youth and the Lord? FSY field staff members are selected from young single adults because of their ability to strengthen youth, teach the doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and motivate in a kind and uplifting manner.

More information regarding FSY field staff members can be found at

Additional Information