Navigating Dating

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    Navigating Dating

    What should I know before I go on my first date?

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    Does the idea of going on your first date cause you to sweat bullets? Maybe you’re worried that you’ll run out of things to talk about. Maybe you’re worried your date won’t like you. Maybe you’re worried that you’ll say or do something weird. It’s normal to be nervous about dating, but knowing what to expect can help you feel more confident.

    Why Should I Date?

    For the Strength of Youth says that youth can start dating at age 16. You don’t have to date as a teenager, but it can help you learn social skills and develop friendships with people who have similar standards to yours.

    You might still be nervous, but remember that dating is supposed to be fun! At your age, it’s not about forming serious relationships. Focus on getting to know your date, and above all, show respect. Treat your date like a son or daughter of God, and both of you are more likely to have a great experience.

    Try It Out!

    Here are some tips to keep in mind when you first begin to date:

    • Plan a real date, not just a hangout. A date is not a just sitting on a couch watching TV with friends. A date is a planned activity where people in a group are paired up for the activity.

    • Make your date feel comfortable. Be kind, make eye contact, and smile when you talk to them. Who knows? They might be nervous too!

    • Pay attention to your date. When you are on a group date, it can be easy to talk to the people you already know in the group rather than talking to your date. Show that you are interested in your date, and ask them about things they like to do.

    • Say thank you. Let your date know that you appreciate their efforts and that you enjoyed getting to know them.