Fun Stop
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“Fun Stop,” New Era, Feb. 2019, 40–41.

Fun Stop

New Era Magazine, 2019/02 Feb

The Extra Smile

Goliath's Barber

Goliath’s Barber

Val Chadwick Bagley

Extra Smile

Okay class, we’re a little ahead of schedule. I planned on fighting to get the video to work for another ten minutes.

Summer Bird


He got a new puppy.

I need a new puppy.

Ryan Stoker

Scripture Couples

Can you name these couples in the scriptures?

  • 2 across (husband) and 13 across (wife): These two were described as “goodly parents” by everyone’s favorite sword-of-Laban-wielding prophet. (See 1 Nephi 1:1 and 1 Nephi 2:1–5.)

  • 5 across (woman) and 10 down (man): Not the best girlfriend by any measure, this woman tricked the man who loved her into revealing the secret behind his great strength: namely, that he was a Nazarite from his mother’s womb and should never cut his hair. She blabbed the secret to his enemies and thereby caused his downfall. (See Judges 16:4–21.)

  • 14 across (wife) and 8 down (husband): When her husband died, this woman followed her mother-in-law’s advice on how she might remarry. The plan was successful, and this new couple became parents of Obed, the father of Jesse, who was the father of David. (See the eighth book of the Old Testament, chapter 3, verses 1–11.)

  • 9 across (husband) and 1 down (wife): These parents had to hide their son from Pharoah, who wanted to kill all newborn Hebrew sons. The mother placed him in a basket in the river, and their son became called Moses once Pharoah’s daughter pulled him from the river. (See Exodus 6:20.)

  • 11 across (husband) and 3 down (wife): Because of the advanced age of his wife, this soon-to-be father didn’t believe the angel Gabriel who told him they would have a son. As a result, the man was struck dumb until the child was born. This couple became parents to John the Baptist. (See Luke 1:11–20.)

  • 6 across (wife) and 4 down (husband): After many years of not being able to have children, this woman promised God in the temple that if He would bless her with a son, she would give him to the Lord to serve in the temple. Her prayer was granted, and she and her husband became parents to the prophet Samuel. (See 1 Samuel 1:1–11.)

  • 7 across (husband) and 12 down (wife): This man was so in love with this woman that he worked 14 years for her father in order to marry her, even though he’d only promised to work seven. (See Genesis 29:15–28.)

Sunday School Stumper

Your Sunday School teacher can’t resist using all 12 pencils from a new box to create a class puzzle. Can you move three pencils to form the central word of the two great commandments (see Matthew 22:35–40)? Try using pencils, paper clips, or matchsticks to work out the solution.

Puzzling Patchwork

Can you find the correct layout of patches to complete this birthday present patchwork quilt? (And be careful! Grandma won’t love it if you get this wrong.)


Scripture Couples

Across: 2. Lehi; 5. Delilah; 6. Hannah; 7. Jacob; 9. Amram; 11. Zacharias; 13. Sariah; 14. Ruth Down: 1. Jochebed; 3. Elisabeth; 4. Elkanah; 8. Boaz; 10. Samson; 12. Rachel

Sunday School Stumper

“LOVE” Hint: use two of the pencils to form a “V” in the empty space.

Puzzling Patchwork