Missionary Referrals

    “Missionary Referrals,” New Era, Feb. 2019, 10–11.

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    Missionary Referrals

    Stay in touch with the missionaries as they meet and teach your friend.

    Missionary Referrals

    Thanks to a new online feature, when you submit a referral to the missionaries, no matter where your friend lives, you can:

    • Be part of the process by helping the missionaries understand your friend’s needs, interests, questions, and preferred method of communication.

    • Participate in missionary lessons or gospel discussions through phone or video chat.

    • Follow up with your friend between missionary appointments to answer questions and provide support.

    With this online referral system, you can participate more fully in sharing the gospel with your friends. You can even give referrals to the missionaries who work in your own ward or stake. Here’s how:

    1. On LDS Tools: Tap the Missionary section, then tap the plus button (+) to create a referral. Provide contact information for yourself and your friend, and write a message for the missionaries. Then tap Send. On LDS.org: Click on Share the Gospel, scroll down to Refer a Friend, and follow similar steps.

    2. Make sure you have your friend’s permission. Your friend shouldn’t be surprised when the missionaries make contact. The app will ask you to agree that you have your friend’s permission before you send the referral.

    3. The referral is automatically assigned to missionaries. You will be invited to contact them to plan how to help your friend.

    4. The missionaries will meet with your friend as soon as possible and will invite you to participate by phone or video chat, if practical.

    5. Check on the status. At any time, you can check to see when your friend has been contacted and to find contact information for priesthood leaders and the mission office nearest to where your friend lives—anywhere in the world. You can also find the meeting time and location of the Church unit nearest to your friend.

    Of course, in addition to sending referrals using this app, you can also support the missionaries where you live by praying for them, talking with them, introducing them to your friends, or going with them when they visit and teach. Missionaries love to have members work with them, and your testimony might be just what is needed to help someone feel the Spirit.