I Sang My Testimony

    “I Sang My Testimony,” New Era, Feb. 2019, page–page.

    I Sang My Testimony

    I thought it was practical to learn the hymns, unaware of how it would bless me and others.

    The author lives in Utah, USA.

    sister missionary singing

    Illustration by Katy Dockrill

    As a young woman, I participated in Personal Progress. There were activities to do, projects to create, and goals to achieve.

    For one project, I decided to read the words for all the songs in the hymnbook, look up the scriptures referenced for each song, and learn to play them on the piano.

    I thought it was a practical project that would help me in the future, so I went to work reading, studying, and practicing the hymns.

    Fast-forward a few years.

    I served a mission in Argentina, and one of my challenges was speaking a different language. At first it was very hard to put words together fast enough to be able to share my thoughts with anyone. However, I learned that I could find a hymn that said just what I wanted to say faster than I could translate my thoughts. I would find the hymn I wanted to share, and even though the words were in another language, the tune and the message were the same. I sang my testimony to many people and was able to share gospel truths this way until I became fluent in the Spanish language. I had the Lord to thank for the inspiration behind my Personal Progress project.

    Because I know the words of the hymns, God has been able to send very specific messages to me many times. If I didn’t know the words, I wouldn’t have been able to receive the messages of hope, encouragement, and love that were there. I may have been able to feel the Spirit and be uplifted by the music, but without knowing the words, I would have missed the full message.

    This was an unforeseen blessing of my practical Personal Progress project. Heavenly Father has been able to send profound and timely messages to my heart through the hymns.