December 2017

“@LDSYouth,” New Era, December 2017


young man

Hello! I like learning about programming and 3D game development, and I’m taking guitar lessons. I’m also the only Church member at my school.

When I was younger, I always thought the Church must be true because my parents believed it. But then in middle school, I had a lot of questions. I really asked myself, “Why do I believe?” I prayed with faith and felt my belief grow. I eventually became confident that the Church was true.

One of the most beautiful things here in the Netherlands is that, though we may not have a lot of youth, the youth that are here are really connected with each other. We often organize activities together outside of our Church activities. It’s very nice to have friends in the Church—we keep each other there.

I sometimes get caught up in the negative things in my life, but then I realize all my blessings. I have the gospel and a wonderful family. I have great friends. Those things may seem small, but they are actually the biggest blessings in my life.

My name is Fabian R. I’m 16 years old, and I’m from the Netherlands.

young woman

I am a ballet dancer and a volleyball varsity player.

One day, my friends and I bought drinks for lunch. My friends bought iced tea, and I bought juice. Noticing this, they started calling me the odd one out. But I felt good that I didn’t give into the temptation to let down my standards. Now, my friends respect me for standing up for what I believe. I’m thankful for the Word of Wisdom that helps me keep my body strong and healthy.

Alejandria F., 18, Philippines

young man skiing

I really like to ski and skateboard. I think it’s so fun to do sweet tricks and ski through a ton of fresh powder.I have a testimony because I know eternal truths that can give me peace and comfort. Whenever I am scared or afraid, my testimony is a strong comfort to me that everything will be all right. With something as little as skiing or skateboarding, this can be a great tool.

Sam S., 14, Colorado, USA