8 Reasons Christmas Is a Great Time to Be a Missionary
December 2017

“8 Reasons Christmas Is a Great Time to Be a Missionary,” New Era, December 2017

8 Reasons Christmas Is a Great Time to Be a Missionary

There’s something about the holidays that makes sharing the gospel even better!

Christmas scenes

Illustrations by Manu Callejon

You love your friends. You love the gospel. And you have no idea how to put the two together.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Lots of people want to share the gospel with their friends but are terrified about seeming pushy or weird. Sharing the gospel can be nerve-racking.

But never fear! Even if you’ve never mentioned the Church to anyone before, your holiday season can be filled with tons of normal, easy, and totally doable missionary moments. How?

The first thing to do is pray. Try asking Heavenly Father for opportunities to share the gospel. Pray to know who to talk to or invite and pray for the courage to actually do it!

The second thing is to start. And start now. Here’s a secret: Missionary work is so easy around Christmas. Why? We’ve got eight reasons.

  1. Everybody loves a good party.

    Chances are, your ward or maybe even your family will be planning a Christmas party. Invite a friend to join in on the fun! There will probably be a song or a message that’s all about the Savior, and it could be just what your friend needs to hear.

  2. Inviting people to church at Christmastime is totally normal.


    There’s something about Christmas that makes people want to go to church! This is a great time to let your friends know that they are welcome to see how the members of your church worship the Savior.

  3. Christmas treats are the perfect way to make an invitation or a gospel message a little sweeter.

    gingerbread man

    A plate of cookies along with your favorite scripture? Some fudge and a quote about Christmas? Yes, please!

  4. Families tend to be gathered together.

    Spending time with family is a big part of Christmas traditions, so it should be pretty easy to talk about your family, your holiday traditions, and your beliefs about families.

  5. Lights and cocoa are all the rage.

    hot cocoa

    Drink cocoa or check out the Christmas decorations around town for family home evening or a Mutual activity. Holiday activities are fun for everyone, and it’s a great way for a friend to see how you live your religion.

  6. The Christmas Mormon Messages are awesome and easy to share.

    Bring the Christmas spirit to social media by sharing “A Savior Is Born—Christmas Video”! How many of your Facebook friends would love to see a little angel help a grumpy janitor in “The Reason Behind Christmas” or a sweet story about selflessness in “The Coat: A Story of Charity”? Search LDS.org or the Mormon Channel for these and other great Christmas messages to share.

  7. Christmas is a celebration of the Savior.

    Many Christians will be a bit more focused on the Savior around Christmas. In addition to sharing daily service ideas, Mormon.org will also highlight the Savior’s teachings and ways to “Light the World.” That might be exactly what your friends are looking for to celebrate Christ at Christmas.

  8. There are so many ways to give and serve around Christmas!

    Christmas carolers

    Service is an amazing way to be a missionary, and there are many opportunities to serve others around the holidays. You could visit a nursing home, sing Christmas carols to a neighbor, or donate goods to a local shelter. You can find service ideas for the first 25 days in December by visiting Mormon.org or pages 24–25 of this issue.

What are you waiting for?

Because of the gospel, you know about Jesus Christ and all the hope that He brings. That’s an amazing gift, and it’s one you can give to others. If you sincerely ask Heavenly Father for opportunities to share the gospel, He will inspire you to know who you can talk to. Christmas is a time of sharing, of giving, and of remembering Jesus Christ.