Fun Stop

    “Fun Stop,” New Era, December 2017

    Fun Stop

    Fun Stop

    The Extra Smile

    young man at lady’s door

    It’s a treat plate that was full of cookies, candy, fruit, and nuts, but I got a little hungry on the way over here. I hope you like the nuts!

    Kevin Beckstrom

    people in line to return Christmas presents

    Do you have your receipt?

    Val Chadwick Bagley

    brothers with model plane

    Huh. There’s always extra parts whenever I put something together!

    Please never become a surgeon!

    Ryan Stoker

    Uh, no … I said “Helaman,” not “Helium.”

    Val Chadwick Bagley

    Merry Crossword to All!


    1. Kind of Christmas I’m dreaming of, in song

    2. 10-down gift #1

    3. One that is out of place

    4. Kirtland’s state

    5. Commercial

    6. _______ Paolo, Brazil

    7. “Angels We Have Heard _______ High”

    8. Equipment

    9. “Put it in a folder in a drawer”

    10. Not outside the city

    11. 10-down gift #3

    12. Pacific island

    13. Alternatively

    14. Manmade beauty

    15. Unitedly

    16. 10-down gift #2

    17. Holly berries’ color

    18. Outspoken

    19. “Am __ _____ young?” (“Is my age not high enough yet?”)

    20. Anger

    21. Nay’s opposite

    22. Astray

    23. Peter’s other name

    24. Mary rode this to Bethlehem

    25. Aroma


    1. Broadens

    2. Secondary education in the U.S. (abbr.)

    3. In case

    4. “_______ the season to be jolly”

    5. When you’ll get there (abbr.)

    6. “I will _______ and _______” (1 Nephi 3:7)

    7. “__ _____ Night” (popular Christmas song)

    8. Ocean _______ (cruise ship)

    9. Wise Men

    10. Prince _______ Peace

    11. One ________ time (individually)

    12. Like Caesar Augustus

    13. “_______ so glad when Daddy comes home”

    14. Smooths out, as wrinkles

    15. Number of gifts brought by 10-down

    16. “A marvellous_______ and a wonder” (Isaiah 29:14)

    17. Scene of Jesus’s birth

    18. “_______ denied” (“You can’t get in”)

    19. The _______ of Galilee

    20. It’s _______ (“There’s no one else here”)

    21. Cooked in hot oil in a pan

    22. Old-style

    23. Decorate

    24. Neither here _______ there

    25. One-time acorn

    26. Long, long time

    27. Picnic crasher

    28. Opposite of SW

    29. “Understood,” in a text message, perhaps

    Tradition Addition

    Grab a friend or family member and fill out this Christmas poem together before reading it out loud. Try not to read the lines ahead of time.

    Christmas traditions bring holiday cheer!

    Our family adds two or (a number) new ones each year.

    Just last year we gift-wrapped some (plural noun) with bows,

    And gave them to friends saying, “(four-word sentence where the last word rhymes with nose).”

    This year, however, we’re going all out.

    We’re (verb ending in -ing) in (location), at which point we’ll shout,

    “Merry Christmas to all, and a/an (adjective) New Year too!”

    We’ll also wear holiday (type of clothing, plural) made of (noun that rhymes with shoe).

    Traditions like these give us lots to remember,

    Like (verb ending in -ing) while (verb ending in -ing) each 12th of December.

    So try it! You’ll like it! There’s lots to choose from.

    Like decorating (plural noun), topping each with a/an (noun that rhymes with numb)!

    Operation Orange

    Help Johnny find the chocolate orange at the bottom of his stocking without crossing any carrot sticks! (Yeah, he knows carrots are good for you. He’ll eat ’em later.)


    Merry Crossword to All!

    Across: 1. white 6. gold 10. misfit 11. Ohio 12. ad 13. Sao 15. on 16. gear 19. file it 23. in town 26. myrrh 27. Samoa 28. or 29. art 30. as one 33. frankincense 37. red 38. vocal 39. I too 41. ire 42. yea 45. errant 47. Simon 49. donkey 50. smell Down: 1. widens 2. HS 3. if 4. ’Tis 5. ETA 6. and 9. go, do 7. O Holy 8. liner 10. magi 14. of 17. at a 18. Roman 20. I’m 21. irons 22. three 24. work 25. nativity 30. access 31. Sea 32. only me 33. fried 34. retro 35. adorn 36. nor 40. oak 43. eon 44. ant 46. NE 48. IC