Be a Doer!
December 2017

“Be a Doer!” New Era, December 2017

Be a Doer!

The best way to show your love for the Savior, at Christmastime or any other time, is to go and do what He taught.

people stacking hands

Photograph by Mason Coberly

Despite the festivities, fun, and material distractions of the holidays, most of us still hear a lot about the Savior at Christmastime. We hear about shepherds rushing to see a holy baby born in a stable. We hear of Wise Men guided by a new star. We hear carols about choirs of angels and joy to the world.

What we hear should create feelings of reverence, respect, and happiness. But if all we do is hear, aren’t we missing something?

How to Be a Doer

In the New Testament, James teaches a principle that may be especially important at this time of year: “Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only.” In fact, James says, those who hear but don’t do quickly forget, while those who hear and do are blessed (see James 1:22–25). So what can you do to be a doer?

Here’s a simple way to begin.

Choose One Way to a Brighter Day

Just choose one thing the Savior taught, and then do something based on that teaching. Even if you can do only one thing this Christmas season, do it, and you’ll feel closer to the Savior. Then, if you find it helpful, do more. You can use the ideas on the next page—or follow this pattern—all year long, as you go and do what the Savior taught.

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