Fun Stop
June 2017

“Fun Stop,” New Era, June 2017

Fun Stop

Fun Stop

Mind Your Mind

Think it’s hard sharing a room with your sibling? That’s nothing! Some words have it even worse! They have to share their spelling with another word or words. They can’t even dream of the day when the other word moves off to college

So, if you don’t object to the object of this game, see if you can find a single word that links the two clues together. Answers below. For example, what word would link 1/60 of a minute and a silver medal? (Second!)

  1. “Daytime is seriously overrated.”“Long and lean and made of wood, baseballs fear me, as they should.”

  2. “Hand me a needle and thread, and I’ll hand you a shirt.” “Well, all that rainwater has to drain somewhere.”

  3. “Whoa, dude. You can sing really low.” “Mmm … earthworms.”

  4. “Sorry, Superman. Nobody can see through everything.” “I wanna hike first down the trail.”

  5. “She sat around sad, brooding all day.” “Turns out, my bike runs even better with gasoline.”

  6. “How small do you want me to chop these onions?” “It’s time to let luck decide.”

  7. “Want to meet at the monkey bars on Saturday?” “Not Drive, not Neutral, not Reverse, but …”

Stop! Don’t Rotate This Image (Yet)!

jumbled numbers

Did we stop you from rotating this image soon enough? Whew! That was a close one. Now, go ahead and rotate it—but only with your mind. See if you can tell if the numbers are simply out of rotation … or also backwards. It’s a great way to stretch and train that awesome brain of yours. Once you’ve locked in all your answers, feel free to rotate the image for real to see if you nailed it.

Verses in Verse

Can you finish these scripture-themed poems? Answers below

Round and curious, made of ______________________,

This helped scripture stories come to pass!

Sixteen, small, and molten from ________________,

These brought light to the Jaredite “flock.”

(See Ether 3:1.)

In wind and wave and storm-tossed sea,

The Master calmed waters of ____________________.


Mind Your Mind

  1. bat

  2. sewer

  3. bass

  4. lead

  5. moped

  6. dice

  7. park

Verses in Verse

  1. brass

  2. rock

  3. Galilee