We’ve Got Mail
July 2008

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, July 2008

We’ve Got Mail

It’s Just a Copy, Right?

When I first read “It’s Just a Copy, Right?” (Feb. 2008), I couldn’t understand why downloading music was so bad. “Many teens don’t have money” and “It’s just like burning a CD” were my arguments. However, when I read the article, it made me realize illegal downloading is a problem and a dishonest one at that. Thank you for articles that help us youth understand better what the Lord would have us do.

Jamie R., Florida

I just finished reading the article “It’s Just a Copy, Right?” The Church is a worldwide organization, and the Church magazines have a worldwide distribution. Please be aware that copyright laws are different from one country to another.

Nicholas C., Canada

New Era Challenge

My Young Women class is being challenged to read The Message each month in the New Era, and I love reading them. So far they have helped me every day in middle school. I just wanted to say thank you.

Leah S., Nevada

Overcoming Trials

I enjoyed the story “Face Trials with Smiles” (Feb. 2008) because it shows how other people overcome trials. I also liked it because Porter plays baseball with one hand. I can’t play with two! This story shows what the gospel does for people and how it enlightens people’s lives.

Dwayne H., California

I read the article about Jason Smyth, “Sprinting to Success” in the November 2007 New Era. I was really impressed with his obedience to try and serve a mission even though he had poor eyesight. I hope to be as obedient as he is and serve a mission someday.

Jacob B., Oregon

Thanks for “Visits from Nathan”

The Instant Message “Visits from Nathan” (Feb. 2008) was special to me personally. I recently left the hospital after being diagnosed with staph meningitis. Though it is different from what Melanie Kenny went through, I knew almost exactly how she felt. I would like to thank her. I would never have survived without the love of those around me and the Church.

Karisa B., Washington

Helps in Callings

I recently subscribed to the New Era to help my husband in his Young Men calling. Then I was called to teach the 14-year-olds in Sunday School. What a wonderful help the New Era magazine has been in my lessons as well. Each week I’ve been able to find a quote or a story that perfectly ties into my lesson and helps to connect the course material to the youth in my class.

Lisa B., Utah

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