Questions and Answers
July 2008

“Questions and Answers,” New Era, July 2008

Questions & Answers

“How do I decide what to study in college?”

Discovering what you would like to study can be frustrating at times, but it can also be an enjoyable experience ultimately leading to a career choice. You are not in it alone. There are people specifically trained to help you in that discovery, such as counselors at school, and others who will give you advice, such as your parents and friends.

Naturally, the first thing they will ask you is what you are interested in or what areas of study you are good at. Also think about any jobs you have held and which ones were your particular favorites. These things can give you clues about subjects you should pursue. Look for classes that will introduce you to areas of interest or that fit your strengths.

However, don’t waste your time and money just taking random classes. Make sure that the classes you take, particularly in your first two years, are ones that will fill general requirements even if you don’t end up majoring in those subjects.

In school, as in all aspects of your life, make your decisions a matter of prayer. Work hard and get good grades. It is surprising how opportunities you never imagined come into your life and affect your educational and career decisions. NE

Let Heavenly Father Guide You

Choosing what to study was a problem of mine not too long ago. One day I was really upset and wanted to know. I ran home from the bus stop and dropped to my knees and poured my heart out. I put all my faith in my Heavenly Father and I got an answer. Read your scriptures, pray, and let Him guide you. He knows your strengths and weaknesses.

Tracy H., 18, Florida

Fast and Pray

I think you should fast and pray about your decision. If you turn to the Lord, He will always help you. Another thing you can do is ask your father or home teacher for a blessing. This can give you great comfort and help guide you in your decision.

Jessica W., Ohio

Be Logical and Practical

I made a list of 20 careers and the wages that went with them. I narrowed down my list by if the career was in demand, the years of schooling required, and if the college I wanted to attend offered that major. I even called different schools and asked them about their programs and spoke with several contacts.

Katrina A., 19, Washington

Think about Your Interests

I’m only in junior high school, so I don’t have to worry yet, but first it depends on where I go to college and what programs they have. I would think about my interests. I want to do something I would enjoy. Next, I would ask my family for help. My family knows what I would be good at and what I would enjoy. Then, I would fast and pray to my Heavenly Father. My Heavenly Father knows me and knows what is best for me.

Robert Dean L., 15, Utah

Follow Your Heart

I would suggest that you follow your heart. Pick out the subject that you love the most, are good at, and go for it. Choose a major that attracts your interest.

Mereadani R., 18, Fiji

Consider What You Enjoy

You should consider first what you enjoy learning about. And secondly, you should choose something that will provide you with money you need later in life. It’s important to fast and pray about your decision also, because Heavenly Father knows what is best for you. Remember, whatever you choose will require effort and hard work.

Hana O., 17, New Zealand

Use Tests and Counseling

I suggest taking personality tests and career tests. You could also try seeing a school counselor. If you can, take any opportunities for internships or being a medical assistant for a day—those types of things. Also talk to friends and family for suggestions.

James S., 16, Arizona