Fear Not
July 2008

“Fear Not,” New Era, July 2008

Fear Not

One night when I was a new Beehive, I awoke from a bad dream. I didn’t want to wake my parents because I thought I was too old for nightmares, but this one really shook me up, and I was scared.

While I was sitting up, I remembered the lesson we had about the scriptures the previous Sunday. My teacher talked about how the scriptures can comfort us and guide us if we read them with the Spirit. So I took out my scriptures and looked up the term “fear” in the Topical Guide. I scanned a few scriptures and then Isaiah 41:10 popped out of the page at me. The words that caught my eye were, “Fear thou not; for I am with thee.” These simple words comforted me and made me realize that Heavenly Father was with me. He was there to comfort me, even for something as silly as a nightmare.