Line upon Line: Malachi 3:10–11
September 2005

“Line upon Line: Malachi 3:10–11,” New Era, Sept. 2005, 25

Line upon Line:
Malachi 3:10–11

In the Old Testament book of Malachi 3:10–11, the Lord says that those who do not pay tithes and offerings rob Him, but those who do pay them are greatly blessed.

President James E. Faust

“The law of tithing is simple: we pay one-tenth of our individual increase annually. Increase has been interpreted by the First Presidency to mean income.”
—President James E. Faust, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, “Opening the Windows of Heaven,” Ensign, Nov. 1998, 59.

When you give your tithing to the bishop, it is recorded and sent to Church headquarters, where Church leaders decide how it should be used. Money from tithes is used to build meetinghouses and temples, to help run the Church’s education programs, and to build up the Lord’s kingdom in other ways.

Blessings of paying tithing can be temporal and spiritual. You can read more about the blessings of tithing in the following New Era stories. Find them online at www.lds.org in the Gospel Library:

Ask a parent, grandparent, or one of your youth leaders to bear his or her testimony of how tithing has protected and blessed them. Record his or her story in your journal. In the same entry, write down any blessings you have received from paying your tithing.

Prove = test or try

The Bible Dictionary tells us that “the honest payment of tithing sanctifies both the individual and the land on which he lives” (“Tithe,” 785).

Elder Robert D. Hales

“Would any of us intentionally reject an outpouring of blessings from the Lord? Sadly, this is what we do when we fail to pay our tithing. We say no to the very blessings we are seeking and praying to receive. If you are one who has doubted the blessings of tithing, I encourage you to accept the Lord’s invitation to “prove [Him] now herewith.” Pay your tithing. Unlock the windows of heaven. You will be abundantly blessed for your obedience and faithfulness to the Lord’s laws and commandments.”
—Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “Tithing: A Test of Faith with Eternal Blessings,” Ensign, Nov. 2002, 28.

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