Idea List: Seminary Scripture Power
September 2005

“Idea List: Seminary Scripture Power,” New Era, Sept. 2005, 13

Idea List:

Seminary Scripture Power

The seminary students of the Kumasi Ghana Stake like learning scripture mastery verses. They have some great ideas to share on how you can memorize them and use them to bless your life.

Memory Helps

  • Pray for the Spirit to be with you when you study. The Spirit will “bring all things to your remembrance” (John 14:26).

  • Write the scripture on a card, and read it over and over. Make a goal to memorize a scripture every few days.

  • Ask your parents for help. They can quiz you on whether you really know the verse.

  • Ponder the verse, and be sure you understand it. Reading the whole chapter it is included in can help.

  • Write the verse down over and over until you have learned it perfectly.

  • Choose a certain time of day to study the verse for a set amount of time, and stick to your plan.

  • Teach family, friends, or investigators about the verse.

  • Obey what the verse teaches so you can gain a testimony of the principles in it.

  • Make up a song with the words of the verse. Sing it to yourself over and over.

  • Memorize two lines at a time until you know them well; then keep adding two more until you know the whole verse.

The Blessings of Scripture Mastery

  • “Learning the scriptures has helped me face spiritual problems, broaden my faith, and overcome many temptations.”

  • “They help me have knowledge when I have to give talks or bear my testimony.”

  • “Even when my scriptures are not with me, I have some of them in my mind.”

  • “I am able to quote verses from the scriptures without any mistakes.”

  • “Scripture mastery has helped me to obey the Lord’s commandments and to magnify my duties in the priesthood.”

  • “The scripture mastery verses answer questions normally asked by investigators, so I can take care of situations I encounter and teach others the gospel now without being nervous.”

  • “I can find them much faster now when I need to look them up.”

  • “It has helped me in my schoolwork to have spent time memorizing. Also I like having scriptures in my head to think about.”

  • “I want to get 100 scriptures in my mind so I can prepare myself to go on a mission.”

Illustrated by Scott Greer