The Power of His Love

    “The Power of His Love,” New Era, Aug. 1997, 10–11

    The Power of His Love

    First-Place Song

    1. I wasn’t there when Christ walked upon the waters.

    I wasn’t there when He calmed the troubled sea.

    I didn’t see Him cleanse the leper, or watch Him heal the lame.

    I didn’t see Him suffer in Gethsemane.

    But I have seen Him work miracles in others,

    as I have shared the truths that I have found.

    And the greatest change I’ve seen is the change that’s come in me

    as the Lord has let me help turn lives around.


    2. I wasn’t there when Christ broke the loaves and fishes,

    then fed the thousands waiting at His feet.

    I didn’t see Him heal the blind man,

    or watch Him raise the dead.

    I wasn’t there when His mission was complete.

    But I can feel such a difference in my own life,

    as I have strived to follow in His ways.

    By doing what He’d do, and saying what He’d say

    I become more like Him each and ev’ry day.



    With the power of His love He can soften hearts of stone.

    He can help you find more happiness than you have ever known.

    He can be your one sure anchor when this whirlwind of life

    seems too much to bear He’ll be there.

    With the power of His love He can calm your ev’ry fear.

    You can put all your trust in Him; He always will be near.

    You can safely walk through life back to our home above,

    if you rely on the power of His love.

    Copyright © 1997 by Margo Faraoni. All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial home or church use. This notice must be included on each copy made.

    Music, The Power of His Love
    Music, The Power of His Love