Dec. 23

    “Dec. 23,” New Era, Aug. 1997, 25

    Dec. 23

    I walk bundled down the street

    with 100 other scarfed and mittened

    last-minute shoppers.

    Lights adorn the lampposts,

    music plays at every door,

    the falling snow having just enough


    to collect on my eyelashes.

    I see a crowd of people shivering

    on a street corner

    waiting for the light to turn green

    And I know it is not out of neglect

    that one man wears no coat or gloves.

    Someone beside him turns

    takes off his coat

    puts it around the bent man’s


    and says, almost


    Merry Christmas.

    And the light in that man’s eyes

    outshone every electric bulb

    on the street.

    I wish every day could be Merry