Bride in the Mirror

    “Bride in the Mirror,” New Era, Aug. 1997, 49

    Bride in the Mirror

    I don’t know who I’ll marry yet, but I certainly know where.

    In the middle of August, my family had the opportunity to go through the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple during the open house. Everything was so beautiful and peaceful. I felt very close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

    While I was walking through the bride’s room, I paused for a moment and gazed into the mirror. As I looked, although I am just 14, I could see myself in the future, wearing a beautiful wedding gown and a big smile.

    When I walked out of the room, I looked back for a quick second, remembering the woman in the mirror, and I knew this was the place where I was going to be married, in the temple, close to my Father in Heaven.

    Photography by Steve Bunderson; posed by models