Trick Question
June 1995

“Trick Question,” New Era, June 1995, 19

Special Issue:
The Scriptures—Written for You

Trick Question

When I asked, the teacher couldn’t seem to believe his ears.

Developing the habit of scripture study is a struggle with many roadblocks. I remember one roadblock that came during my second semester of ninth grade.

My family moved to Omaha, Nebraska, from Dubuque, Iowa.

Omaha schools were far ahead of our small Iowa township, and dreams of staying on the honor roll soon turned to prayers for passing and getting a good grade in seminary.

Just a few days after I had started school, my English teacher announced a new reading-for-credit program. Needing the extra points to make a decent grade, I needed to read a book, but my schedule was already loaded with make-up work and I wasn’t a fast reader.

After asking the Lord for help, an idea came to me.

I approached my English teacher and said, “May I read the Bible instead of a novel for extra-credit points?”

Leaning forward, peering over his half glasses, he asked, “Is this a trick question?”

“No,” I answered, “but it isn’t on your list, and I wasn’t sure how you would feel.”

He then told me that the Bible was one of the greatest literary works ever written. As far as he was concerned, it should be in a class by itself. “Of course you can read it,” he added.

It was the perfect solution to my school and seminary problem, and best of all, I started a steady habit of scripture study that touches my life at every turn.

Photography by Maren Younce