A Guide for Your Life
June 1995

“A Guide for Your Life,” New Era, June 1995, 38–47

Special Issue:
The Scriptures—Written for You

A Guide for Your Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if whenever we had a problem or a hard choice to make we could go to our Heavenly Father for advice? Wouldn’t it be nice to have him let us know how much we are loved?

That advice and those words of encouragement are already here just waiting for us to read—in the scriptures. Those who have learned to include the scriptures in all their activities find blessings sometimes come in unexpected ways.

Regular study of the scriptures can guide us and reassure us in many ways. For example, the following five stories illustrate how the scriptures can bless the lives of young people in their families, in Young Women and Young Men, in seminary, and as member missionaries.