A Great Book
June 1995

“A Great Book,” New Era, June 1995, 40–41

Special Issue:
The Scriptures—Written for You

A Great Book

Crossing life’s difficult terrain is easier when we travel with others, giving support and sharing understanding.

Asked who his favorite person is from the Book of Mormon, Clint Nelson, a 13-year-old deacon, says, “I like Alma Junior.” Before someone can mention that Alma Junior is usually called Alma the Younger, Clint gives his reasons. “I liked how he was struck dumb, and then how he started preaching for the Lord.”

The deacons quorum of the Apple Valley Ward of the Salt Lake Butler Stake is enthralled with reading the Book of Mormon. They accepted the challenge presented to them by their stake leaders to read and then test Moroni’s promise that they can pray and know for themselves if the book is true. To help them reach their goal, their quorum leader, Mark Duffin, has helped the boys stay interested and motivated. “I want them to feel what they are reading instead of just getting through the pages.”

“At first I actually passed out tests, with questions chapter by chapter,” said Brother Duffin. “They loved it at first. When that wore thin, I had them come prepared to talk about a chapter. But I think the best thing we’ve done is having them over to my house on Sunday evening about once a month. We read together. We talk and discuss what we read. Then we have cake and ice cream. After an hour or so, I have to kick them out. They don’t want to go because they’re enjoying themselves.”

The boys and their fathers were both challenged to read the Book of Mormon during the school year. Trever Hansen said, “My Dad and I always sit down together and read for as long as we can. Then we have scripture reading as a family.”

J. P. Westenskow is personally on schedule with the quorum reading schedule, but he and his family have just finished the Book of Mormon. “We get up every morning at ten to seven and take turns reading aloud. We’ve been working on it for a long time.”

Andy McCann and Casey Mills jumped ahead of the quorum and have finished. Andy said, “It made me feel like I actually know something.”

What would they tell someone else who has just started to read the Book of Mormon? Casey Mills gave his answer some serious thought and said, with wisdom a little beyond his years, “I’d tell them it is one of the most worthwhile things to do when you’re young and have time to do stuff like that.”

Shane Talbot also had a bit of advice to those who are just starting to read. “I like the Book of Mormon. It’s like reading a really good book. You’ll enjoy it.”

Painting The Conversion of Alma by Gary L. Kapp

The deacons of the Apple Valley Ward in Salt Lake City enjoy the Spirit when they study the scriptures together in the home of their quorum adviser, Mark Duffin. (Photography by Don O. Thorpe.)