“Homecoming,” New Era, Aug. 1983, 31


    I listened intently

    as the speaker voiced from his heart

    the deep, inexpressible joy we would

    someday feel upon seeing our Father in Heaven


    and rushing into His arms.

    My heart was full at this thought, but an

    understanding was not yet born.

    I returned home

    (The college coed!)

    and flung my suitcase, gathering my family

    into my anticipating arms.

    Ah! Completeness. I was home. But dad

    was still downstairs

    and I fairly flew, without a thought.

    It was as fast as a breath and as natural

    and life-sustaining

    to rush into his arms. A warmth of understanding

    came—so this is what it must be like.

    And I knew.

    Photo by Aaron Vinck

    Photo by Rex Strother

    Illustrated by Shane Worrell

    Background photos by Gerald Bybee