“Feedback,” New Era, Aug. 1983, 3


    Inspirational exclamational

    I had to write and thank Elouise Bell for “The Time Trap” in the March New Era. As a missionary I’ve often found myself in circumstances very similar to those spoken of in the article. Even though I found the story a bit late (for my present call), it really helped. I will be sure to do all I can do during this last month to further the work in the great Canada Toronto Mission.

    I find that the New Era often answers questions, provides solutions, and gives me new information and ideas for my mission. It also helps our investigators gain knowledge and understanding. The article “Celestial Missionary,” which was published in the August 1980 New Era has especially helped me to change and develop. Please keep up the fantastic job. I’m at a loss for further gratitude-filled exclamational words.

    Elder Ian Speakman
    Canada Toronto Mission

    The miracle of the puppies

    It was at first with wonderment, then disbelief, and finally with tears that I read “The Ugly Orphans” by Cindie, Vikki, and Adrian Moyer in the December 1982 New Era. We were ecstatic to find that our family was the answer to another family’s prayers. Our daughter, Gena, was the “little girl with the soft brown eyes” who took “Luke” from the Moyer family at sacrament meeting so many years ago in Medford, Oregon. Luke was renamed Heidi (as she was not male as they thought, nor were the other three), and she has been a joy to our family for all these years. The miracle of the puppies that someone tried to destroy continued for several weeks. We also knew and shared these miracles with the other two families who received puppies that evening. Heidi is a beautiful dog and looks just like a miniature Lassie, quite unlike the way she looked when we got her. It taught our family that one never knows when he might be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

    The Lind Family
    Albany, Oregon

    All things are possible

    “Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ” by Elder Gene R. Cook (October 1982 issue) greatly impressed us. We read it several times. We feel that if everybody, not just missionaries, followed those six steps which he mentions, a lot of problems would be solved.

    We are serving in the Australia Perth Mission, and we were able to bring one of Heavenly Father’s sheep into the fold by following the second step Elder Cook mentions: “Commit Yourself.” We know that we as missionaries weren’t the ones who converted this man. He was converted by the Holy Ghost, whom Christ said he would send to declare all truth. But we had great satisfaction in playing our small part in the conversion of one of our Father’s children. We thank Elder Cook for his comments on faith. We urge all members to apply his counsel in whatever they do. With faith in the Savior all things are possible.

    Elder Birrel and Elder Lynn
    Australia Perth Mission

    Monthly marvel

    Through the years the New Era has been a quality magazine, and it just keeps getting better. Whoever does your layout has got to be the most talented and inspired worker or workers in the magazine business. I marvel each month at the imagination and thought that seem to go into the setup of each page. For example, what youth would not want to read “Bear Tracks” and “Dusty” in the February 1983 issue? The title and layout hook the reader immediately!

    Tom Price
    Hillsboro, Oregon

    She listens

    Thank you for publishing such a beautiful magazine. I love the New Era and can’t wait to get it each month. I especially loved “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” in the March issue. I’m studying the Book of Mormon in seminary, and I’ve really come to love the prophets for everything they have done for the Church.

    Kim Overson
    Overton, Nevada

    Peace comes

    For some time I have wanted to write and express my delight in the song contest winner in the August 1982 issue. “Calm Is the Night” is a beautiful piece of music. I don’t know how else to contact Kevin Snow and Holly Woolley to express my appreciation for their beautiful music. I am so glad this song won.

    I would like Kevin and Holly to know that when I have a frustrating day I sit down and play “Calm Is the Night,” and peace comes to me. I love the music and the poetry of the words. It is truly a testimony. I can play it over and over and never tire of hearing it.

    What a wonderful talent these young people have. I hope they continue developing it. “Calm Is the Night” will be one of those treasures that is stored in my heart to be remembered often. Thank you, Kevin and Holly, for sharing your talents through this beautiful piece of heaven.

    Karen Stumpf
    Vacaville, California

    A special present

    I would like to express my gratitude for “Best Friends” in the November 1982 New Era. Before I joined the Church three and a half years ago, I became friends with a girl who was about the same age as Tessie. By the time I get home from my mission she will be about 15 years old. My heart was touched so much by this story because I can relate to it. I wrote home to this girl and told her that when I get back, I will be giving her a special present. The New Era strengthens my testimony that the Church is true.

    Elder Kevin Snow
    Australia Sydney Mission