Sunset Song

    “Sunset Song,” New Era, Aug. 1983, 21

    Sunset Song

    Petals of roses, flamboyant and soft

    float from the earth

    when their duty to the bush is through.

    As the sun leaves the sky

    they gently flame the horizon,

    and like scented seraphs they

    herald the stars.

    If I were a sleepy cygnet

    (Sometimes I wish I could be)

    I would wake in the early evening

    to fly over the silver sea.

    I would wait for the sunset to be mirrored blow,

    Broken somewhat by ripples and dappled

    by galaxies.

    Then I would soar for a while

    through translucent clouds.

    Photo by Julie Thornley

    Best Photo by Wayne Rickords

    Illustrated by Karen Bennett