“Feet,” New Era, Aug. 1983, 29


    Feet are very sensible creatures.

    When I was running a mile and a half

    at 6:00 A.M. this morning

    I wanted to keep going

    but my feet knew heart attacks

    can kill anyone

    and stopped.

    Then, just for fun,

    I tried to get my feet to stop walking

    when I was on my way to school

    but they knew I was teasing

    and kept going.

    Even when feet make mistakes

    they have good excuses.

    If they trip on stairs

    it is because they are concentrating so hard.

    When feet are naked in soft, cool grass

    and they step on a rock

    it’s never their fault—

    Somebody else forgot to put shoes on.

    Today I said to my feet

    “Feet, you need to take life a little easier.”

    My feet were busy walking

    and pretended not to hear.

    But I had seen them

    wearing nothing but red toenail polish

    and I laughed.

    Photo by Wayne Rickords

    Photo by Mark Allen

    Photo by Rex Strother