Area General Conference in England in August
March 1971

“Area General Conference in England in August,” New Era, Mar. 1971, 8

Area General Conference in England in August

An announcement of far-reaching significance concerning general conferences of the Church was made recently by the First Presidency. The announcement: In Manchester, England, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 27–29, the Church will hold what is to be called the first area general conference of the Church. Those invited to attend are the members of the Church in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and members of the Servicemen’s Stake-Europe in Germany.

This decision means that the leadership of the Church and various Church programs will be brought closer to many members who normally would never have an opportunity to attend a general conference. It is a decision that can bring only tremendous enthusiasm among the Saints in the British Isles and is calculated to present the Church in a more impressive manner to nonmembers throughout the area.

In the words of the First Presidency, the “conference will be under the direction of the First Presidency, and members of the General Authorities and executive representatives of the auxiliaries will be present and participate in the various meetings.”

At present there are eight stakes and seven missions in the British Isles—23,869 members in the stakes and 43,217 members in the missions, for a total of 67,086. Servicemen’s Stake-Europe has 1,983 members.

Manchester conference to be held here. The Cumberland, Kendal, and Windermere sections will be opened into one hall. The main Central Hall, seating 6,000, adjoins.

Manchester, England, city of August’s area General Conference. Important landmarks are: (1) Piccadilly Hotel; (2) Portland St.; (3) Midland Hotel; (4) Free Trade Hall; (5) Peter St.; (6) Central Library; (7) Albert Square; (8) Town Hall; (9) Mosley Street.