A Puzzlement: Traveling through Temptation Town—A Test-Yourself Game
March 1971

“A Puzzlement: Traveling through Temptation Town—A Test-Yourself Game,” New Era, Mar. 1971, 26

A Puzzlement:

Traveling through Temptation Town—A Test-Yourself Game

The idea for this game is from seminary-institute personnel, and reflects the interesting techniques used by these good gospel teachers

How much do you know about temptation? Do you know how to strengthen yourself against it? What is our obligation to those among us who may have succumbed to it? Does Jesus understand our plight?

Test your knowledge of this general subject by reading the following ten statements. After each statement, determine whether the statement is true or false. If you’re not sure or would like to make sure, turn quickly to the scriptural reference at the right of the statement. The reference has the key to whether the statement is true or false. Having confirmed your decision, check the code listed under True or False. If the code reads 1S, 4L, it means to go one block straight and four blocks left. Start at the point marked Start. Be sure to make the moves just as if you were driving a car.

Object of the game: There are thirty-five roads leading out of town, but if you get out of town on any one of thirty-four of them, it means you were deceived in some way. There is only one correct way out of town, and that ends at the point marked Success. To get out of town at this point, you must answer all questions or else repent of some error until you successfully find your way out of Temptation Town.

Drive safely!


If True, move

If False, move

If unsure, read

1. When we are tempted, we need to strengthen ourselves against weaknesses by praying.

1S, 4L

1S, 1R

Matt. 26:41

2. You should not think it unusual if you have to endure temptations, regardless of how good a life you may be living.

2R, 4R

2S, 1L

1 Pet. 4:12

3. Because we are here to prove ourselves, Heavenly Father looks for our weaknesses and places temptations before us.

2R, 3R

2R, 3L

James 1:13

4. If you accept the gospel, you are assured of a good foundation to hold to when you are tempted.

4L, 1L

4S, 1R

Luke 8:13

5. One of the results of overcoming temptations is the development and exercising of proper patience.

5R, 3L

3R, 4R

James 1:13

6. If we rely on the Lord, he can show us the way to overcome temptation.

3L, 2L

3L, 2S

2 Pet. 2:9

7. When we come into contact with those who have succumbed to temptation, we should avoid them.

3S, 4R

3R, 5R

Gal. 6:1

8. If a friend purposely tempts you, rather than serving as a friend or a strength to you, he has become a hypocrite.



Matt. 22:18

9. Sometimes temptations become so powerful that we are unable to overcome them.

2S, 1R

4R, 2R

1 Cor. 10:13

10. Since Jesus never gave in to sin, he doesn’t really know how to help you when you face temptation.

3R, 4R

4R, 3R

Heb. 2:18

Temptation Town game

Illustrated by Mel Owen


  • 1. T, 2. T, 3. F, 4. T, 5. T, 6. T, 7. F, 8. T, 9. F, 10. F