Sunday School: Gospel Doctrine
Lesson 7: The Abrahamic Covenant

“Lesson 7: The Abrahamic Covenant,” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide (2001), 6

“Lesson 7,” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide, 6

Lesson 7

The Abrahamic Covenant

Abraham 1:1–4; 2:1–11; Genesis 12:1–8; 17:1–9

Study Abraham 1:1–4; 2:1–11; Genesis 12:1–8; 17:1–9. In these passages Abraham seeks to be righteous and worthy of the blessings of God. God covenants with Abraham, promising that Abraham will have a numerous posterity who will receive a promised land and the blessings of the priesthood and the gospel.

All Church members are the seed of Abraham, which means we are his descendants and heirs to the blessings and responsibilities of the Abrahamic covenant. These great blessings come to us when we keep gospel covenants. The first covenant we make is baptism. We later receive the fulness of the Abrahamic covenant in the temple.

Additional reading: Doctrine and Covenants 132:19–24, 29–32; Genesis 15; “Abraham, Covenant of,” Bible Dictionary, page 602.