Lesson 1: ‘This Is My Work and My Glory’

    “Lesson 1: ‘This Is My Work and My Glory’” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide (2001), 2–3

    “Lesson 1,” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide, 2–3

    Lesson 1

    “This Is My Work and My Glory”

    Moses 1

    Study the following scriptures:

    1. Moses 1:1–11. Moses sees God and talks with him face to face. Moses learns that he is a son of God in the similitude of the Only Begotten of the Father.

    2. Moses 1:12–23. Satan confronts Moses; Moses casts him out.

    3. Moses 1:24–39. God appears again and teaches of his work and glory.

    • What did Moses learn about God from the experiences described in Moses 1:1–7? What did Moses learn about himself? What difference can it make in our lives to know that we are children of God, created in the similitude of his Son?

    • How did Moses receive strength to resist the temptations of Satan? (See Moses 1:18, 20–21.) How did Moses get Satan to leave? How can prayer strengthen us to resist temptation? What else can we do to gain this strength?

    • Even though God has created worlds and people that are numberless to us, he assured Moses that he knows them all (Moses 1:35). How have you come to feel that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know you individually and love you?

    • Why is it important for us to know what God’s work and glory is? What are some specific ways we can assist him in this great work?