Sunday School: Gospel Doctrine
Lesson 38: ‘Beside Me There Is No Saviour’

“Lesson 38: ‘Beside Me There Is No Saviour’” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide (2001), 25

“Lesson 38,” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide, 25

Lesson 38

“Beside Me There Is No Saviour”

Isaiah 40–49

Study Isaiah 40–49.

  • Review Isaiah 40:28–31; 42:16; 43:1–4; 44:21–23; and 49:14–16. As you read each passage, look for answers to the following questions: Which attribute of the Savior is mentioned in this passage? How does knowing of this attribute help increase our faith in the Savior?

  • Babylon is often used in the scriptures as a symbol for the wickedness of the world. What are the results of seeking after the ways of the world? (See Isaiah 47:1, 5, 7–11.) What has the Lord promised to those who seek him rather than the world? (See Isaiah 48:17–18.)

  • Many of the prophecies in Isaiah 49 apply both to the work of the Savior and to the work of his servants. What does Isaiah 49:1–6 teach about our responsibilities in the latter days?