Sunday School: Gospel Doctrine
Lesson 37: ‘Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things’

“Lesson 37: ‘Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things’” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide (2001), 24–25

“Lesson 37,” Old Testament Class Member Study Guide, 24–25

Lesson 37

“Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things”

Isaiah 22; 24–26; 28–30

Study the following scriptures:

  1. Isaiah 22:22. The Savior opens the door to Heavenly Father’s presence.

  2. Isaiah 24:21–22. The Savior shows mercy for those in spirit prison.

  3. Isaiah 25:1–4; 32:1–2. The Savior is a strength and a refuge.

  4. Isaiah 25:6–9. The Savior will prepare a feast and destroy the “vail.”

  5. Isaiah 25:8. The Savior wipes away our tears.

  6. Isaiah 26:19. The Savior will bring the Resurrection.

  7. Isaiah 28:16. The Savior is our sure foundation.

  8. Isaiah 29:4, 9–14, 18, 24. The Savior will restore the gospel to the earth.

  9. Isaiah 30:19–21. The Savior knows our trials and directs our paths.

Compare the following verses in Isaiah 29 with the corresponding passages to see how some of Isaiah’s prophecies have been fulfilled:

Isaiah 29:4

Moroni 10:27

Isaiah 29:9–10, 13

Joseph Smith—History 1:18–19

Isaiah 29:11–12

Joseph Smith—History 1:63–65

Isaiah 29:14

Doctrine and Covenants 4:1; 6:1

  • Isaiah told of people drawing near to the Lord with their mouths while their hearts are far from Him (Isaiah 29:13). How can we make sure that we are close to the Lord in our thoughts and actions as well as in our words?