James Taught the Gospel

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“James Taught the Gospel,” New Testament Stories for Young Readers, 2019

“James Taught the Gospel”

New Testament Stories for Young Readers

James Taught the Gospel

James 1

Did you know that Jesus had brothers and sisters? One was named James. When he grew up, he helped lead the Church.

James taught that we should be patient. He also taught about faith. He wrote his teachings down. Now they are part of the Bible.

Boy Reading Scriptures
Joseph Smith Praying

One special verse is James 1:5. It says that if we have questions, we can ask God. Many years after James wrote this scripture, a boy named Joseph Smith read it. He prayed to know which church to join.

First Vision Cartoon

Joseph’s prayer was answered! James had helped Joseph know what to do when he had a question!

Girl Praying By Bed

When I have questions, I can ask God, like James taught!

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I Can Learn from the Scriptures

Boy Reading Scriptures

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Illustration by Apryl Stott