Jesus Gave Us the Sacrament

    “Jesus Gave Us the Sacrament,” New Testament Stories for Young Readers, 2018

    “Jesus Gave Us the Sacrament”

    New Testament Stories for Young Readers

    Jesus Gave Us the Sacrament

    From Luke 22–24

    the Last Supper

    Jesus knew His time on earth was almost finished. He gathered His Apostles together for the Last Supper. He gave them the sacrament and asked them to always remember Him.

    Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

    Jesus went to a garden to pray. He hurt for all the sins and sad things in every person’s life. Then He died on a cross and was buried in a tomb.

    women visiting Jesus’s tomb

    On the Sunday morning after Jesus died, some women came to the tomb. The stone at the door had been rolled away, and the tomb was empty! Where was Jesus?

    Jesus talking to Mary Magdalene

    He was alive again! Mary Magdalene saw Jesus. He visited His Apostles so they would be ready to teach the gospel after He went back to heaven.

    family taking sacrament

    When I take the sacrament, I remember Jesus. I remember that He lived and died and was resurrected for me!

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