When Jesus Was a Child

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“When Jesus Was a Child,” New Testament Stories for Young Readers, 2018

“When Jesus Was a Child”

New Testament Stories for Young Readers

When Jesus Was a Child

Luke 2:41–52

When Jesus was a child, He lived with Mary, Joseph, and His brothers and sisters. He learned from His family and His Heavenly Father to be wise and strong.

Every year, Jesus and His family went on a long journey to Jerusalem. They went there to celebrate a holiday called Passover.

One year, when it was time to go home, Mary and Joseph thought Jesus was traveling with friends. After a day, they noticed He was missing. Where was Jesus?

Mary and Joseph hurried back to the city to look for Jesus. They found Him at the temple. He was teaching men about the scriptures and answering their questions. The men were surprised that He was so wise.

Jesus said He had stayed at the temple to serve His Heavenly Father. We can learn about the scriptures and tell others about Jesus. Then we will be serving Heavenly Father too!

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