How Can the Savior Help Me?
March 2023

“How Can the Savior Help Me?,” Liahona, Mar. 2023.

Come, Follow Me

Matthew 8; Luke 7

How Can the Savior Help Me?

man kneeling before Jesus

Healing the Leper, by E. S. Hardy © Providence Collection / licensed from Goodsalt.com

Jesus Christ “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38): He healed a leper (see Matthew 8:2–3). He healed the servant of a centurion, who felt unworthy but believed the Savior would help him anyway (see Matthew 8:5–13). He offered His disciples peace during a storm (see Matthew 8:23–27). When He saw a woman who was devastated by the death of her only son, He comforted her and gave her hope, then raised her son from the dead (see Luke 7:11–15).


We can feel the Savior’s power today as we exercise faith in Him. Read one of the accounts from this week’s Come, Follow Me reading. Notice how the Savior responded to the needs and faith of the people.

Ponder or discuss the following questions to consider how the Savior has helped you in your life:

  • When have I placed my faith in the Savior and felt His healing (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically)?

  • When have I felt His peace?

  • When have I received unexpected help from the Savior?

  • When have I seen His hand through a miracle or a tender mercy?

  • In my life now, how can I strengthen my faith in Him and receive His help?