A Shelter from the Storm
March 2023

“A Shelter from the Storm,” Liahona, Mar. 2023.

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A Shelter from the Storm

rain falling over the ocean

Photograph via Getty Images

Have you ever sat under a shelter during a rainstorm? As the water comes down, it pounds against the roof and drowns out other sounds. How can you stay dry in the middle of the storm? Our Savior’s power and presence are like that shelter.

This issue of the Liahona focuses on how Jesus Christ brings peace in life’s storms. We can’t avoid trials and challenges. But just as a shelter keeps us dry in the rain, as we invite Jesus Christ to come with us on our journey, He helps us find peace in the storm. I invite you to read Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s article “My Peace I Give unto You” (page 4). He teaches, “Jesus Christ, who controls the elements, can also lighten our burdens” and “Peace need not be taken from our hearts, even if we must suffer, grieve, and wait on the Lord.”

I’ve also experienced “storms” in my life. These trials have taught me that Jesus Christ truly is the only lasting source of help and peace. As I share in my article “The Power to Raise Up” (page 40), our Savior can and will come with us on our journey home. He is with us as we wait for promised blessings. And it is never too late for Him to lift us up. He loves you. I pray that you will let Him be your shelter and safe place no matter what you are facing.

With love,

Bonnie H. Cordon

Young Women General President