Everything Will Be All Right
March 2023

“Everything Will Be All Right,” Liahona, Mar. 2023.

Latter-day Saint Voices

Everything Will Be All Right

The hours seemed endless until one of the surgeons approached my mother in the waiting room.

Russell M. Nelson looking at model of heart

Photograph of Russell M. Nelson by Eldon K. Linschoten

In the early 1980s, my father, who suffered from severe heart disease, underwent a heart operation that we hoped would prolong his life.

At the time, the innovative procedure the surgeons used was new to Uruguay. Surgeons replaced the aortic valve with an artificial valve. Eventually, that procedure became commonplace and has saved countless lives.

Because the surgery involved this revolutionary surgical procedure, several cardiologists attended, observing the operation. While surgeons operated, my mother sat worried in the waiting room. The hours seemed endless.

We rejoiced when we learned that the operation was a complete success. Upon exiting the operating room, one of the surgeons separated from the other surgeons and went to the waiting room. He was a visiting surgeon who had come to Uruguay to supervise the operation.

He approached my mother, stopped, and touched her reassuringly on the shoulder. Then, looking into her eyes, he said, “Everything will be all right.”

The surgeon was correct. My father lived another 24 years, serving the Lord with all his heart—now healthy—until the last day of his life.

During the Church’s most recent general conference, my mother was reminded of that special visit so many years ago. In fact, she’s reminded every time that visiting surgeon—President Russell M. Nelson—speaks to the Saints.

All of the Lord’s prophets are special to us in some way. Some are special because they served as President of the Church while we were young. Some are special because they served as President when we got baptized. For my mother and me, President Nelson is special because he knows that every serious medical procedure touches not just the patient but that patient’s loved ones as well. He knows that family members need words of encouragement, strength, and reassurance when the health or life of a loved one is in jeopardy.

We will always be grateful for President Nelson’s words of reassurance long ago in Uruguay and for his life of service to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Father’s children.