I Thought I Wasn’t What God Wanted

“I Thought I Wasn’t What God Wanted,” Liahona, June 2022.

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I Thought I Wasn’t What God Wanted

As I prayed and read the scriptures, Heavenly Father worked a miracle in me.


When the missionaries first visited me, they explained the fundamental truths of the gospel. They also told me how the Church of Jesus Christ was restored.

At the end of their visit, they asked me to read 3 Nephi 11. As I read, I prayed fervently. Immediately, the Holy Ghost touched my heart. The Spirit whispered, “This book is true.”

A week later, I attended my first sacrament meeting. I will never forget the welcome I received and the testimonies that members shared.

After the meeting, the missionaries told me I needed to make covenants with God and accept Jesus Christ as my Savior in order to obtain a hope of salvation and exaltation. My experience at church was amazing, but I told them, “I cannot do it. I am not the kind of person God wants in His Church.”

A week later, the missionaries invited me to visit the grounds of the Guatemala City Guatemala Temple. I was amazed to see such a beautiful building with an angel on top.

Two sister missionaries who were giving tours of the temple grounds said to me, “You have come to get an answer from God. Let’s enter the lobby so you can pray to receive the answer you desire.”

We entered and sat down. As I prayed, I felt a strong burning in my heart and began to weep. I also felt great peace and happiness. I knew that God had forgiven me of my sins. I wanted to serve Him. I knew that I needed to get baptized.

When the missionaries who had been teaching me asked if I was now ready to be baptized, I replied, “Tomorrow, this weekend, whenever you can!”

The day I got baptized was the best day of my life. I felt that I had been born again.

I feel that Heavenly Father worked a miracle in me. The key was praying and reading the scriptures. Scriptures and prayer are ways the Lord communicates with us and shows us His love.

Do not hesitate to make covenants with Him. Covenants are a wonderful thing.