Facing Our Goliaths

“Facing Our Goliaths,” Liahona, June 2022.

Ministering Principles

Facing Our Goliaths

And how we can help others do the same.

Covid 19 Coronavirus

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, President Russell M. Nelson said, “In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.”1

Barbara had lived in a new ward for only a few months when the pandemic began. Like so many, she discovered that her plans had been turned upside down. She thought meeting new friends would be a wonderful experience, but instead it became a struggle. During a time of isolation, patterns of ministering had to change. She didn’t have much of a chance to get to know the members of her new ward. She asked herself, “How do I visit, serve, help, and love sisters when visiting someone isn’t possible? Even sending a text is hard when sisters don’t recognize my name or number because I’m new.”

She found it even more important to pray and listen for promptings in such circumstances. Sometimes she felt prompted to simply drop off a note. Other times she sent a text to thank a sister for her prayer in sacrament meeting or to express appreciation for the testimony of another sister’s husband. An occasional socially distanced visit on someone’s front porch helped fill her need for seeing and talking in person. One prompting led her to think of a comforting, delicious bowl of butternut squash soup, so she dropped off the recipe and a butternut squash.

It’s not how she had hoped things would go when she moved in. Isolation made the process of getting to know her sisters slower. But as she followed President Nelson’s counsel to increase her spiritual capacity to receive revelation, she overcame challenges, became a better ministering sister, and formed some close friendships.

Facing Giants

The world can be confusing and filled with misinformation and conflicting opinions. But God has given us prophets to guide us. We can help others have faith to follow the Lord and His prophets in spite of popular opinion, because no matter our challenges, “the battle is the Lord’s” (1 Samuel 17:47).

When facing Goliath, David put aside the helmet, armor, and sword and armed himself instead with five smooth stones and a sling. Seemingly unprotected and vulnerable, David was able to defeat the giant with only his sling and his faith in God. (See 1 Samuel 17:38–50.)

We may feel unprepared to face our challenges without all the answers we would like to have. But if we have the faith to move forward with the few smooth stones we have, that will be enough for the Lord to accomplish His work.

Principles to Consider

When helping others, we need to recognize that there can be many ways to approach a problem. Our goal is to help them build their own spiritual self-reliance by finding their own solutions with the Lord’s help.

Consider ways you can help by building their faith and trust in the Lord’s prophet and in personal revelation.

This may include sharing your own experiences of finding guidance and comfort by following the prophet and seeking divine direction.

You might also point them to where they can learn what prophets have said about similar circumstances.

What Can We Do?

Have the courage to share your witness that there is peace and safety in following the Lord’s guidance given through prophets and personal revelation.