The Savior Offers Us Hope

“The Savior Offers Us Hope,” Liahona, June 2022.

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The Savior Offers Us Hope

Counseling therapy session

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As a therapist, I am asked all the time, “Do you really like your job? Don’t you have to hear about pain, loss, and heartache?” While it is true that I walk through darkness with those I help, we don’t stay there. I have the privilege to watch their lives change through the power of the Savior Jesus Christ, especially those in the addiction recovery program (see page 12).

While many of the challenges we face can be overwhelming, the Savior offers us hope—hope that we can find peace amidst our struggles and hope that we can and will be healed.

One way the Lord helps us find peace and safety is through His prophet (see page 4). Through him, the Lord provides counsel and guidance regarding the challenges we each face in our day. I have personally been blessed by heeding the counsel of President Russell M. Nelson as he has encouraged us to increase our capacity to receive revelation, let God prevail in our lives, and find joy in daily repentance.

Now more than ever, we need the Lord’s guidance to overcome and cope with the many challenges we face. Whatever challenge you may be facing, my prayer is that you will find hope in the Savior and feel His love for you.

Benjamin Erwin

Addiction Recovery Program Manager