Temple Progress Continues

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Temple Progress Continues

In his closing comments at general conference, President Russell M. Nelson announced plans to build 20 new temples throughout the world (see page 127). The previous high number for specific temples announced at one time was the 12 temples announced by President Nelson on October 7, 2018.

President Gordon B. Hinckley announced plans to construct as many as 32 new temples at the April 1998 general conference but did not list specific locations.

Since becoming President of the Church in 2018, President Nelson has announced construction of 69 temples. He announced 19 temples that year, 16 in 2019, and 14 in 2020. There are 43 temples currently under construction or renovation, and despite the pandemic, ground was broken for 21 new temples in 2020. The Church now has 251 temples announced, under construction, or operating.

In addition to the temple announcement, President Nelson outlined the four phases for reopening temples as the pandemic diminishes.