Magazines Meet Global Needs
May 2021

Magazines Meet Global Needs

Newly configured as three global publications starting in January 2021, Church magazines are delivering messages from leaders of the Church that are “relevant and timely,” according to Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The new magazines for children, youth, and adults “have a spiritual and doctrinal power,” he said. Topics support the Come, Follow Me curriculum and other important matters.

“Church magazines are a valuable resource for learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ and feeling a sense of belonging in His Church,” the First Presidency said in a letter announcing the new magazines. “Our desire is that members everywhere will subscribe and welcome this faith-sustaining influence into their hearts and homes.”

The Liahona, for adults; For the Strength of Youth, for teens; and the Friend, for children, now make it possible for:

  • Families in about 150 countries to have the opportunity to subscribe to magazines specifically for children and youth.

  • Magazines to be available more frequently in some areas and languages.

  • Members to receive similar unifying messages through the worldwide magazines.

  • Magazine articles to be increasingly available in both digital and print formats.

Local leaders are encouraged to provide new converts with a one-year subscription to the magazine appropriate for their age and to provide Friend or For the Strength of Youth subscriptions to children and youth who attend church without their parents.1