Elder Alvin F. Meredith III

Elder Alvin F. Meredith III

General Authority Seventy

In Alvin F. Meredith’s final year of high school in Tennessee, USA, he was selected as his school’s athlete of the year by a group of Christian student athletes.

Shortly afterward, his coach notified him that the state leadership of the group had disqualified him because they didn’t recognize The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a Christian faith.

His coach, “a really good Christian man,” asked the organization to send someone to the school to meet with the young athlete. The organization’s representative came to the high school and explained 10 points of doctrine that he felt justified their decision to disqualify the Latter-day Saint athlete. Upon seeing a Bible in the man’s bag, Elder Meredith asked if the two of them could review some verses.

“We looked at each of those 10 points and went to Chronicles and James and the book of Revelation and Corinthians,” Elder Meredith said. “My faith was challenged, and through the fire of that challenge, it was strengthened and has never wavered since.”

Alvin Frazier “Trip” Meredith III was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, on July 22, 1970, to Alvin and Mary Meredith. He married Jennifer Denise Edgin in 1998 in the Salt Lake Temple. They have six children.

Elder Meredith graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brigham Young University in 1994 and earned his master of business administration degree from the University of Chicago in 2001. He has worked with GE Capital, Boston Consulting Group, and Asurion.

As a young man, Elder Meredith served in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. At the time of his call as a General Authority Seventy, he was serving as president of the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission. He has also served as an Area Seventy, stake president, counselor in a mission presidency, bishop, and Sunday School teacher.