Changes in Church magazines
November 2020

Changes in Church Magazines

Major changes will take place in Church magazines beginning in January 2021. The Liahona will become the magazine for adult readers, providing one publication for adults worldwide. Magazines for youth and children, as independent publications, will become available throughout the world. And digital content and inserts with locally produced material will expand and enhance the gospel insights and resources available to members of the Church everywhere.

The name Ensign will be retired, the youth magazine will now be known as For the Strength of Youth (replacing the New Era), and the Friend will continue as the title for the magazine for children.

These adjustments to the magazines will provide several benefits to Latter-day Saints around the world:

  • For the first time, families outside of English-speaking countries will have the opportunity to subscribe to magazines specifically for children and youth.

  • In some areas and languages, content will be published more frequently than in the past.

  • The global Church family will receive the same unifying messages through the worldwide magazines.