Missionary Referral System: Simple, Fast
November 2020

Missionary Referral System: Simple, Fast

It’s simpler and easier than ever for members to help their friends meet with the missionaries, thanks to recent updates to the missionary referral system for members. The updated referral process is designed to quickly connect missionaries and the referring members so they can plan an experience that will help the members’ friend to best engage with the gospel lessons the missionaries present.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When your friend or acquaintance agrees to meet with missionaries, you simply fill out a referral form through the Member Tools app or at ChurchofJesusChrist.org/referrals. You can also leave your contact information and a note for the missionaries.

  2. After the form is submitted, a sister missionary assigned to help with member referrals will contact you. She will assign the referral to the correct location and help you connect with local missionaries.

  3. The local missionaries will also receive your contact information with the referral. This enables you to discuss the situation and needs of your referred friend with the missionaries. You can talk to them about how to help your friend have a great experience. You also have the option to be involved in missionary lessons as much as you desire.

“Missionaries are taught that every referral received from a member should be treated as something precious,” said Elder Marcus B. Nash of the Seventy. “When missionaries receive a referral, they are taught to ask you how they can best help your friend. As members and missionaries work together, the Lord will inspire them in creating a meaningful experience to help your friends come closer to Jesus Christ.”

This new interactive tool is currently being offered in 33 languages.