Update on the Hymnbook Revision
November 2020

Update on the Hymnbook Revision

In June 2018, a revision of the Church’s hymnbook and children’s songbook was announced, along with a request for member feedback about sacred music and a call for member submissions of original hymns, songs, and texts. Nearly 50,000 members responded to a feedback survey regarding our current sacred music. Respondents also shared their feelings about suggested selections from other faiths that are being considered for inclusion.

More than 16,000 music submissions were received from members in 66 countries. These original hymns and songs are being reviewed blindly in multiple rounds by an international group of talented members and by the revision committees at Church headquarters.

The committees are grateful to members throughout the world for offering their time and talents to help others come closer to the Savior through sacred music. As all submissions and suggestions are being carefully considered, it is anticipated that the new collections will be made available in several years.